What is going on here?


It started right out of college with an opportunity to work for a craft brewer in Western Australia. Showing up in Australia with a degree from the University of California, a good work ethic and a "can do" spirit was the perfect combination of right place-right time. After three years down under, Kat moved back to the US and her husband, Australian Rob McDonald soon followed.

They founded Old Bridge Cellars and began importing the legendary Australian wines they both loved...d'Arenberg, Jasper Hill, Yarra Yering, Leeuwin Estate & Cullen to name a few. Along the way, Kat took a break and went to law school, they planted vineyards in both Australia and the Napa Valley and began making their own wines including the eponymous named Mak.

In 2005, Kat and Rob founded Art+Farm Wine in Napa. Art+Farm is home to the girls in the vineyard, The Messenger, 11*14, Circadia, Pure Ugly and St Mayhem, their game changing Craft Wine Coolers.

Kat and Rob live in Napa with their two children, an odd looking creature that is supposed to be a dog and an adopted cat. Kat is a little obsessed with her heritage breed chickens and the eggs they lay. Rob is obsessed with compost and growing the perfect tomato. Both are huge proponents of dry farming and see the changing climate as the single biggest factor in the future of agriculture.