Like words, wine can convey a great many meanings. The complexity of our wine comes from embracing the art of blending... layering vintages, vineyards & varietals to obtain luscious flavor. The result is a thousand stories, but only one message... Enjoy our wine for what it is, an expression of the land that grew it and the hands that have touched it.

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The Messenger White Wine Number One  Lot #314

The Messenger White Wine Number One
Lot #314

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If you have the confidence to embrace something original ( is such an old concept, it's new again) you will be rewarded with each sip. If not, order something else.  The aroma is wild and serves you exotic, tropical and spice notes. The finish has a hint of sweet-ness which is carried beautifully by the intensity and complexity of the wine. We layered vineyards, varietals and vintages to make this special wine.

69% - Sauvignon Blanc
18% - Muscat Camelii
13% - Riesling

Oak: No
Vineyard: All Northern California
Vintages: Multiple Vintages

  • Alcohol 13.4%
  • TA 0.58
  • pH 3.51
The Messenger Red Wine Number One  Lot # 914

The Messenger Red Wine Number One
Lot # 914

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As our blending base matures, so does the range of our grape varieties. This, our most diverse effort will remind you of past glroies and entice you into future possiblities. The depth and concentration of flavor is remarkable, while still maintaining a fine silky texture and fresh finish. The lineup in this wine is Cabernet Sauvignon, contributing bright raspberry fruit flavors; Ruby Cabernet (a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan) adds color and texture; Carignan (widely planted in France and Spain) has gorgeous color, fine tannins and freshness; Alicante Bouschet, distinguished as one of a handful of grapes with red juice; Montepuliciano with its dense, spicy characters and the classic combo of aged Malbec/Merlot/Petit Verdot adds a little something extra.

The result is an immensely enjoyable, full bodies red wine that will ask nothing of you, but give untold pleasure.

29% - Cabernet Sauvignon
24% - Ruby Cabernet
18% - Carignon
15% - Merlot
 8% - Alicante Bouscet
 3% - Malbec
 2% - Montepulciano
 1% - Petit Verdot

  • Alcohol 13.9%

  • Gold
    International Women's Wine Competition

  • Silver
    Dallas Morning News Wine Competition

  • Gold
    US National Wine Competition

  • Exceptional
    Dan Berger

  • 91
    Wine Enthusiast Magazine
       A dramatic, full-flavored and full-bodied red from a small, adventurous Napa-based winery. It offers cedar and tobacco aromas, fresh dark cherry flavors, and good depth and concentration. Strong and generous, this wine is looking to have a good time with you at the dinner table.  - J.G.

The Messenger Red Wine Number Two  Lot # 814

The Messenger Red Wine Number Two
Lot # 814

$18.00  |  PURCHASE

Glorius Grenache is juicy, delicate and very fragrant. The Syrah is a precision wine that leads the Grenache around your palate in a brilliantly choreographed parade. The wildcard is the stunning Zinfandel - ripe & juicy and a wonderful complement to the Rhone varieties. Mourvedre provides a hint of tarry spiciness and a dollop of cold fermented Viognier works beautifully with the aromaics of the Grenache and Syrah. The result is a medium bodied wine with a bright, juicy outlook that will leave you longing for another glass.

43% - Grenache
28% - Syrah
25% - Zinfandel
 3% - Mourvedre
 1% - Viognier

  • Alcohol 14.2%

  • Gold & Chairman's Best of Class
    Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Competition

  • Gold
    Dallas Morning News Competition

  • Gold
    Rhone Shootout

  • Exceptional
    Dan Berger